Eva Longoria lost another tattoo

Eva Longoria lost another tattoo Hollywood actress Eva Longoria continues to get rid of the reminders of the ex-spouse.37-year-old beauty showed the scar on his neck on the spot where once sported a tattoo "Nine ("Nine"), made in honor of her ex-husband Tony Parker in 2007.Despite the painful tattoo removal, Eva intends to get rid of all reminders of a faithless husband who cheated on her with their shared girlfriend. Source: Eva Longoria lost another tattoo (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Marilyn Manson will come to Russia because of fatigue

Marilyn Manson will come to Russia because of fatigueAmerican rock musician Marilyn Manson has postponed his Russian tour, scheduled for spring 2013, due to fatigue and not due to the fact that he was dissatisfied with the organization of concerts in Russia in 2012, as previously reported.About it "Lente.Roo" said concert Agency "Mill", participating in organizing tours Manson.Earlier it was reported that the reason for the cancellation of concerts in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Nizhny Tagil and other cities, is scheduled for April 2013, could be the fact of dissatisfaction with the singer taking in Ekaterinburg in December 2012. The organizers of the concert, allegedly failed to meet the conditions of the rider Manson, in particular, in the hall during the speech, the temperature was below 17 degrees Celsius.In a statement, Mills said that in April 2013 Marilyn Manson really planned to give ten concerts in Russia. But despite the long process of discussing the details, the concerts have never been confirmed due to his extreme fatigue from touring 2012. It was decided to postpone the tour for late 2013 - early 2014.According to the statement, the transfer of the tour has nothing to do with the level of organization past concerts Marilyn Manson in Russia. "The artist and his management were pleased with how the organization of concerts and taking fans in Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Kiev and Minsk, and soon will be information about the continuation of the tour of the artist in Russia, where the interest in his work in recent years greatly increased, and confirmed the success of recent concerts," said in the release. Source: Marilyn Manson will come to Russia because of fatigue. Читать полностью -->

Chulpan Khamatova took part in shooting a new video of the band DDT

Chulpan Khamatova took part in shooting a new video of the band DDTPopular actress Chulpan Khamatova took part in shooting a new video of the band DDT. The artist admitted that their team soloist Yuri Shevchuk long-term friendship, so she just couldn't refuse.Chulpan Khamatova in addition to filming a movie, theatrical roles, scoring and advertising contracts have discovered a new branch of art. The actress starred in the music video of the band DDT on the new song "Where we fly".The artist admitted that the group's leader Yuri Shevchuk binds her many years of warm friendship, so she just could not refuse his request to participate in the survey. Besides, as it turned out, the video was very unusual. "Yura've been looking for a story for the song and when he showed me the script, I liked it very much, as the infernal script, not the consumer. Alexander Kott well done", - quotes the impressions Chulpan Khamatova StarHit.According to the publication, directed by Alexander Kott known for the film "Brest fortress", TV series "Hero of our time", "the other side of the moon", several short stories film "Yolki 2". Читать полностью -->

Sexual excitement Kristen Stewart

Sexual excitement Kristen Stewart Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has decided to get rid of the image of the girl Bella in the twilight Saga.In the new movie "on the road" 22-year-old star appears in explicit scenes, do not hesitate to demonstrate not only nudity, but sexual excitement.Such explicit scenes in the movie did Kristen even more controversial young actress, after all, only recently the world of show business shuddered details beauty secret romance with a married man, directed by Rupert Sanders. Source: Sexual excitement Kristen Stewart (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lisa boyars refused the image of the fatal beauty

Lisa boyars refused the image of the fatal beauty For a role in the new movie "day of the triffids" Elizaveta Boyarskaya turned into a prude and tried on glasses. She plays the girlfriend of the protagonist of the painting named eve.In the film, the girl Eva can't find love. Trying to understand why her previous relationship didn't work, she decides to meet with their former loved ones and ask them what is her mistake. The movie release is scheduled for next year. Source: Lisa boyars refused the image of the fatal beauty (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Tommy Wirkola will shoot the sequel to `Operation `Dead snow`

Tommy Wirkola will shoot the sequel to `Operation `Dead snow`Norwegian Director Tommy Wirkola, successfully debuted in Hollywood with the film "witch Hunters" will shoot the sequel to his famous project "Operation "Dead snow". This publication reports ScreenDaily."I am pleased to again turn to the world of Nazi zombies in the project with the working title "Operation "Dead snow: War of the dead", because this world is very close to my heart," commented the Director.According to Virkola, he already has a script that exalt him. The Director is confident that the sequel will be "more ambitious, scary and funny at the same time"."I can't wait to release a new brood of zombies in our world," he concluded. Shooting should begin in Norway in the spring of 2013.Recall that the original picture was released in 2009. American audiences first saw it at the Sundance film festival. Source: Tommy Wirkola will shoot the sequel to "Operation "Dead snow"". Читать полностью -->

`Monsters on vacation` lead in the Russian box

`Monsters on vacation` lead in the Russian boxAnimated film "Monsters on vacation" (Hotel Transylvania) is a leader in the Russian box, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the data portal Kinobusiness.Cartoon story about the hotel of Count Dracula, in which from all over the world come to relax a variety of monster, first weekend collected $ 6 million.In second place is the fourth part of the horror film "Paranormal activity (Paranormal Activity 4). The film has collected 3.6 million dollars for the first weekend.Thriller "killing them softly" (Killing Them Softly) c brad pitt in the lead role occupies the third place with the result of $ 1.4 million.Following him with a slight lag is the leader of the last two weeks - based on the novel "soulless", which over the weekend managed to raise 1.3 million dollars. Common cash Russian paintings for 12.2 million dollars.Top five is the second film from Irish playwright Martin McDonagh's "Seven psychopaths" (Seven Psychopaths). The tape is the author of "to Lay low in Bruges" for the first weekend rentals earned 1.1 million dollars. Source: "Monsters on vacation" are the leaders in the Russian box. . Читать полностью -->

In the movie `the Muppets` miss piggy will marry

In the movie `the Muppets` miss piggy will marryIn the sequel "the Muppets" miss piggy will marry, according to the website SlashFilm.The artist Yves Stuart, participating in the creation of a new film, said that the wedding will take place in the tower of London. However, she did not specify who will become the husband of miss piggy. It is known that anthropomorphic pig in love with Kermit the frog. In previous full-length tape viewers reported that piggy and Kermit had once intended to marry, but the latter left the bride standing at the altar.The production of the film "the Muppets 2" (original title - "The Muppets... Again!") deals James Bobin. He was also the previous Director and "the Muppets", released in 2011. Читать полностью -->

The leader of the `Chelsea` wrote a book for children

The leader of the `Chelsea` wrote a book for childrenMidfielder London "Chelsea" and the national team of England football Frank Lampard, whose contract with the "aristocrats" expires at the end of this season, I intend to try myself as a writer. His first book, you can expect this summer.English footballer signed an agreement with publisher Little Brown on a series of short stories about the adventures of a schoolboy named Frankie, calculated on age audience over the age of five. Publisher of books will deal with Neil Blair and Zoe king, who also work with the series "Harry Potter" by JK Rowling.The idea to start writing, first came to Lampard, when he read to his children at bedtime. He decided to come up with an adventure story based on football. Despite the seeming simplicity of the plot, it's possible that reading these stories will enjoy not only young children, but also the fans of Chelsea and England. "Sports and reading - two things needed for our house, so I decided to make my own story about football and adventure. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev left Kobzon and Rotaru without `Christmas meeting`

Pugachev left Kobzon and Rotaru without `Christmas meeting`Diva approved the final list of artists participating in the revival of "Christmas meetings", - among them Sofia Rotaru, Valery Leontiev and other age superstar.The list of stars, diva approved, will appear as the names of her closest circle Kirkorov, Orbakaite, violent, Moiseev, Presnyakov, and artists of lower rank - Eva Polna, "City 312", Timur Rodriguez. Brand new for the audience will be performances by singer Alisher - by the way, it is a personal stylist Pugacheva - group "Fanatic".ListBut in the program there was no place to Valery Leontiev, Sofia Rotaru, Alexander Rosenbaum and Joseph Kobzon.I must say that this decision Pugacheva concert promoters are very concerned. For anybody not a secret that the audience attending these shows, it goes on a long time favorite artists. Already, there was a low demand for tickets. As it turned out, to realize their concert agencies offering deep discounts.- I was approached by the ticket Agency of Moscow with the request to assist in the purchase of a corporate ticket package for regular customers of our company in concert-shooting "Christmas meetings", - said "TD" CEO ".Concert" Evgeny Morozov. - Due to adverse weather forecasts retail sales and given significant discounts that managers promise to provide up to 20 percent, we can conclude that the interest in "Christmas meetings - 2012" yet, alas, is extremely low.Surely some surprises for viewers and the prima Donna had prepared, but, apparently, the main thing for Alla Borisovna - own "triumphant return"."Meetings will be Pugacheva kind of bridge to return to the stage, at least at the corporate," says Morozov. Читать полностью -->

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