Guseva from `Home-2` showed the son

Guseva from `Home-2` showed the son Spouse Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev spring return to the TV project "Dom-2". In honor of his scandalous appearance on the TV show Jack and Anton showed pictures of son Daniel, and for the first time did it on their back and not sideways.We will remind, the stars of the controversial reality show "Dom-2" Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev officially registered their relationship in mid-June 2012. Happy occasion, the couple and their guests went to celebrate in one of the most luxurious restaurants of the capital.The couple decided to get married two months after meeting. Evil tongues asserted that such a quick decision to sign, which was accepted and Eugene Anton, pregnancy-induced gene. Considering the fact that soon was already known the sex of the baby, spiteful critics were right.In mid-December, was born little Daniel. On his page in the social network Anton Gusev wrote: "Favorite today bore me a son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))) Finally I became the happy father!))))!!!))) Daniel was born today, December 14 at 11:25 4090 weight, growth, 56 cm, he is extremely healthy and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!)))) Favorite, rodolia my, thank you for Sonny, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!" Its status as a happy father wrote: "Aaaaaaa!!!)) I became a father!!!!) Beloved, thank you for Sonny!!!!!" According to some information, was given birth Eugene Feofilaktovoy not easy.Soon appeared the first photos of the baby, however, new parents showed the child as anything but not the face. Читать полностью -->

Duncan Jones will put the film based on the Warcraft

Duncan Jones will put the film based on the WarcraftDuncan Jones was appointed Director of the movie based on the universe of the game series Warcraft, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The Company Warner Bros. intends to start filming in the fall of 2013. Tape output distribution is scheduled for 2015. The script, the details of which are kept secret, was written by Charles Leavitt ("the Giant", "the wings of the dove", "blood diamond").Blizzard Entertainment has released the first game in the Warcraft series in 1994 with the subtitle Orcs and Humans. The game is a fantasy real-time strategy, tells of the confrontation between the two races, humans and orcs. The first sequel followed in 1995, the second in 2002. Читать полностью -->

A new book Akunin about Erast Fandorin

A new book Akunin about Erast FandorinA new novel by Boris Akunin's detective Erast Fandorin "Black city" will appear in bookstores on November 21, according to the website of the publishing house "Zaharov".As stated in the annotation of the publishing house, "the novel about Erast Fandorin takes place on the eve of the First world war in Baku, a great and terrible city of oil, Nouveau riche, fiery Eastern terrorists and thieves. This time the great detective went to the enemy, to win which seems to be impossible.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Disney intends to shoot the sequel to `Alice in Wonderland`

Disney intends to shoot the sequel to `Alice in Wonderland`Disney intends to shoot the sequel to "Alice in Wonderland" by Tim Burton, reports Variety.By writing the script for the second part of the film deals with Linda Wolverton. Previously, she worked on the scripts for the film "beauty and the beast" and "the lion King" and the first "Alice in Wonderland". In addition, Wolverton takes part in the creation of another disney picture - "Maleficent". This is the story of Sleeping beauty, is described from the point of view of the evil witch. The latter plays the role Angelina Jolie.The details of the plot of the second "Alice" and the name of the Director were not disclosed. There is no information about whether the second film hero johnny Depp. Читать полностью -->

Anna Sedokova had a boob job

Anna Sedokova had a boob job The Russian press reports that the famous singer Anna Sedokova has increased its already tasty Breasts.Such conclusions Russian journalists made after the appearance of the sexy stars on one of the social events.Paparazzi. reports that the eyes of all those present were confined to the deep neckline of Anne, which emphasized her voluptuous bust. Even greater frankness singer added length luxurious beige dress - mini dress opened the eyes of the audience long legs actress. Source: Anna Sedokova had a boob job (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

`Happiness` Alexey Chumakov

`Happiness` Alexey ChumakovSinger Alexey Chumakov is a new lyrical song "Happiness". Love ballad in his performance will to flutter the hearts of the ladies and their Cavaliers.Nice and gentle melody, romantic text and heartfelt vocals Alexis - these are the main components of the track, which has all chances to become a hit. Happiness is love, joy, delight, tenderness, trust, peace - the whole palette of emotions that we experience in the presence of loved ones. Song of the wonderful moments of life that I want to fix in the memory forever.The song "Happiness" makes remember warm summer nights, the starry sky and the moments of tenderness spent with your loved ones. The song will warm the frozen listeners rainy autumn and cold winter.Listen to the song "Happiness" on the website of the artist and on the radioHelpAlexey Chumakov - one of the brightest representatives of the Russian show business is the new generation. Excellent vocal, theatrical image of the handsome bully and the romantic hero - these are the distinctive features of the artist. Читать полностью -->

The group My Bloody Valentine wrote the first in 23 years album

The group My Bloody Valentine wrote the first in 23 years albumThe group My Bloody Valentine on his page on Facebook announced the completion of the mastering the new record. The details of the release were not disclosed, the report said only about the end of the work sound producers January 21, 2012.The last full album My Bloody Valentine was the album "Loveless", which was released in February 1990, after that the band broke up. Rejoined the group in 2007.In November in an interview with NME, the singer in the band Kevin shields stated that new entry is likely to be released in 2013 on the website My Bloody Valentine in the form of Internet release. There will also be issued a mini album.Shields said that a new album was needed by the group, and work on it gave My Bloody Valentine a sense of creative freedom."Fans will definitely be to compare the new album with our early work, said the band's frontman. But based on the opinions of those who have already listened to the new material - sound engineers, musicians - we can say that the album is even more bizarre than `Loveless`. Although I don't think so".The bassist of the group Debbie Gudja in an interview with Drowned in Sound emphasized that most of the parties on the new album performed shields. Читать полностью -->

Became known cause of the disorder in the family Arshavin

Became known cause of the disorder in the family ArshavinAccording to journalists, the player leaves his wife with three children, not because the British model.In the Russian media do not cease discussing the imminent departure of the former captain of the national team on football Andrey Arshavin from his wife Julia. Together with her athlete he lived for nine years in a civil marriage and fathered her three children, the youngest of whom was born in August of the current year.Earlier it was reported that Arshavin to leave the family because of the "girls with a third strip" of the Weis Daudin whose photo Topless were published on the pages of the British tabloid The Sun.However, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", friends of the player blame the disorder itself Yulia: over time it has deteriorated greatly in nature.As writes the edition, more recently civilian spouse Arshavin became very jealous and always reacted violently to any attention to Andrew from the opposite sex: it could come even before the fight. So, once Julia caught the waitress of the restaurant and hit her in the face just because she wanted to make an idol on cell phone video. Another time the wife made a scene of jealousy right at the table when she thought one woman specially touched Andrew's shoulder to draw attention to themselves.Thus, in related party long rumored that Arshavin is cheating on Julia, and the British model for it already in the past. It is noted that now he has a new passion from neighboring countries. She is married to a powerful man, but not going to divorce. Читать полностью -->

Irina Shayk naked

Irina Shayk naked Russian model Irina Shayk now popular not only as the girlfriend of the handsome footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, but the part in bold photo shoots. However, not all experiments Irina is successful.Irina Shayk is now in the Zenith of popularity in Russia. Initially it was noticed solely as a beloved Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo. Now Irina leads the show "Top model in Russian", became the "Model of the year" by Glamour magazine, and recently was photographed for the December issue of Spanish Vogue.Irina, along with other famous models, among which was marked Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Croesus, literally glorified Spanish gloss. All models marked the pages of the magazine with minimal wear and maximum Nude body. However, the photo shoot took part model, left very contradictory impression on many fans Shake.All the matter in the form of a top model. Читать полностью -->

Heidi Klum decided to ride a motorcycle

Heidi Klum decided to ride a motorcycle Famous German model Heidi Klum traded luxury cars on the bike!The supermodel was photographed in Santa Monica on a motorcycle with her boyfriend and bodyguard Martin Kristen.In jeans, sneakers and hoodies grey 39-year-old mother of four children looked young and stylish. "Highlights" casual-outfit model gave a massive motor-sport helmet. Source: Heidi Klum decided to ride a motorcycle (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

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