Alexey Makarov returned to his wife

Alexey Makarov returned to his wifeRecently it became known that Alexey Makarov and Maria Mironova broke up. However, according to the actor, officially divorce he and Maria are not yet issued.But the reason for parting popular actors, most likely, was the return of Alexei Makarov to the actress Victoria Bohatyryova, who two years ago gave the actor's daughter Barbara.As reported by many media outlets, immediately after parting with Maria Mironova son of the legendary actress Lyubov Polishchuk, Alex Makarov, began to pay more attention to not only my little daughter, but the former civil wife. Christmas holidays the family spent together and was able to visit relatives who are thrilled that Alex has returned to Victoria and daughter. Source: Alexey Makarov returned to his wife. . . Читать полностью -->

Europa Plus: the perpetrator of the hit `Ai Se Eu Te Pego` Michel Body goes to Moscow

Europa Plus: the perpetrator of the hit `Ai Se Eu Te Pego` Michel Body goes to Moscowon 27 November at the Crocus city Hall will be by the main hit of this year, the popular Brazilian singer Michel Body (Michel Telo) - the concert will be held with the support of Europe Plus.Michelle's Body in an instant turned into a real star of the music world thanks to the song "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" (Nossa, Nossa") - it became a hit N1 in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey and many other countries. But apart from this single artist has a good musical baggage from the age of 12 he was performing in the group, but 4 years ago he started a solo career. Since then, the singer has released not one song that became the national leader of the hit parade. So Russian fans of Michel's Body will be able not only to once again ignite under Nossa, Nossa, but also to hear other songs cute Brazilian!In Europe Plus will start the drawing of tickets from 19 to 23 November in the Brigade At the Jam and Ilya caller will give the audience some invitations, and the most fortunate, perhaps, get a chance to meet the artist backstage!Raffle tickets for the concert of Michel's Body goes through and on the website't miss the performance of the chief Brazilian hit maker - listen Europa Plus! Source: Europa Plus: the performer of the hit "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" Michel Body goes to Moscow. . . Читать полностью -->

The winner of the `Tour de France` hit by a car near his home

The winner of the `Tour de France` hit by a car near his homeBritish cyclist Bradley Wiggins, the Olympic champion and winner of the famous race "Tour de France", was involved in a serious road accident in Lancashire.Champion did the Bicycle ride near his home in Eccleston and was shot down after having gas stations with the car at which wheel I was 32-the summer local resident.According to Sky News, Wiggins was hospitalized with broken ribs, bruises and cuts. Doctors claim that these injuries do not pose a threat to the life and career of the athlete, and soon he will fully recover. Source: the Winner of "Tour de France hit by a car near his home. . . . Читать полностью -->

Died artist-nonconformist Igor Vulokh

Died artist-nonconformist Igor VulokhIn Moscow on the night of 28 November, on 74-m to year of life has died artist-nonconformist Igor Vulokh. As it became known "Tape., he died after a long illness in the hospital, where he was a few days.Farewell ceremony with the artist will take place in Moscow. The exact date and venue unknown.Igor Vulokh was born in 1938 in Kazan. In 1953-1958, he studied at the Kazan art school, then studied at the arts faculty of VGIK. Vulokh belongs to the generation of "the sixties" - in 1961 he met the poet Gennady Aigi, one of the leaders of the Soviet avant-garde of the 1960 and 1970 who influenced his career. Both were editors of "the Mayakovsky artist, published together. Читать полностью -->

Kim Kardashian has radically changed hair color

Kim Kardashian has radically changed hair color Kim - girl nature, no doubt, has given a number of advantages. One of them is a luxurious, natural curls that almost reach the waist beauty.Kim has repeatedly said in interviews that she's satisfied with her natural hair color and change it she has no plans. And then, suddenly, over the weekend, Kim was published, showing surrounding shock of blond hair.Fortunately, hair Kim did not suffer. White locks were part of her masquerade costume Halloween. The girl stood before the clear eyes of his fans in the form of a Mermaid.To tell you the truth, not blonde goes very dark-skinned beauty and her natural hair color she looks much brighter and more attractive.What do you think? Source: Kim Kardashian radically changed hair color (photos). . Читать полностью -->

The man cheated Gazmanov 700 thousand rubles

The man cheated Gazmanov 700 thousand rublesMan, deception appropriated 700 thousand rubles, which belonged to the people's artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov, will appear before the court. This was reported on the website of the MOI of Russia for the Central Federal district.In the message Department, the victim is simply called "the well-known actor, singer and composer, however, according to RIA Novosti, it comes Gazmanov.The producer of the singer confirmed this information. "This fact really was. We do not interfere in the work of law enforcement, we just watched from the side. Of course, we hope that the money will be returned, or the person will be punished, if it's fraudulent actions," he said.According to investigators, the suspect by name Shumakov suggested Gazmanov to Charter a plane for a tour on the route Kiev-Ufa-Simferopol. Thus Shumakov was not an employee of the shipping company and, as considers a consequence, has pledged that obviously could not perform.To give the legitimacy of the transaction, Shumakov on behalf of some of the airlines have signed and sent by e-mail the draft lease of the aircraft. Читать полностью -->

Gerard Depardieu renounced French citizenship (video)

Gerard Depardieu renounced French citizenship (video)Gerard Depardieu, whose name in recent days remained on the newspaper filed a request for Belgian nationality. This was announced by the mayor of the town, where going to relocate the famous actor, to avoid paying huge taxes at home.From French passport Depardieu refuses. It touched the adjective "pathetic", which awarded him the authorities of his native country.In France it is a monument to himself - 170 films for more than 40-year career. On screen, it became the collective image of the Frenchman. But life is to be a Frenchman no longer wants. However, to leave Depardieu was going quietly, without explanation and noise, but it did not work - the figure is visible too."I find it pathetic. Читать полностью -->

Gangnam Style broke all records in terms of views on YouTube (video)

Gangnam Style broke all records in terms of views on YouTube (video)Clip South Korean rapper PSY's song Gangnam style became the most viewed video in the history of YouTube, overtaking those in the video of canadian pop singer Justin Bieber's song Baby.According to RIA "news" the clip 34-year-old South Korean singer PSY scored 55 805 million 375 thousand hits, while the clip 18-year-old canadian, who has long been a leader on this indicator, "earned" 803 732 million 561 thousand view.The number of "likes" that PSY was ahead of all its competitors in the last month, reached 5 million 362 thousand 374 pieces. This record already entered in the Guinness Book of records as the most liked video on the Internet-YouTube.As Forbes notes, the music video Gangnam style was uploaded only 132 days ago, however this did not prevent him to get around on the popularity of the Baby clip, posted on YouTube more than 2.5 years ago. On average, Gangnam style day in gains of approximately 6.1 million views.Clip Gannam style became a kind of caricature of singer on the fashionable inhabitants of the Seoul Gangnam district, where from the beginning of 90-ies going Korean "Golden youth".Debut PSY in South Korea took place in 2001. Now, becoming mega-popular, he has lectured about yourself in English, appears in the leading American and British television shows, going on trips to Australia, France and Germany. Thanks to the global popularity of PSY, South Korea hopes to promote and popularize Korean culture.Dance moves rapper became the real sensation, not only online, but also beyond. A dance video made a thousand parodies. Читать полностью -->

Montserrat Caballe was moved to Russia microstroke

Montserrat Caballe was moved to Russia microstrokeThe world famous Spanish Opera singer Montserrat Caballe is hospitalized in a Barcelona hospital Sant Pau with a broken shoulder, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Spanish media.According to them, the singer was taken to the hospital with a broken shoulder on Saturday after returning from Russia, where she was on tour.According to reports, last Thursday at the hotel before the concert in Yekaterinburg 79-year-old singer became ill, she lost consciousness and fell. Caballe was taken to hospital, where doctors diagnosed a stroke and a shoulder injury. However, the famous singer refused hospitalization in Russia and preferred to return to Barcelona.Currently the state of Montserrat does not cause concerns among doctors. She is on the mend, Spanish media quote unnamed source. Due to the illness of the singer cancelled her upcoming concerts and tours.In June 2010 during the concert, the singer also fell and seriously injured his left knee after the injury she was treated.This year the singer, despite his age, has performed in several theaters around the world. In last year's interview, she said her schedule is full until 2016.Montserrat Caballe - Opera singer (soprano), known primarily for his virtuosic technique of Bel Canto singing and performances in classical Italian operas by Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti.In 1956-1965, Caballe sang in the Opera houses of Europe: in Bremen, Milan, Vienna, Barcelona, Lisbon. Читать полностью -->

Mcquarrie will be the Director of part 5 of the movie `Mission impossible`

Mcquarrie will be the Director of part 5 of the movie `Mission impossible`Tom cruise and Director Christopher Mcquarrie intend to continue the cooperation after the release of a film "Jack Reacher". According to the publication Deadline, Mcquarrie will be the fifth Director of the film "Mission impossible".It is alleged that the candidate of the Director supports, in addition to cruise and producer J. J. Abrams.Project studios Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions is still at a very early stage of production. It has no script and even the indicative work plan.Recall that the movie "Mission impossible: Protocol phantom" has become the most successful part of the franchise. In world hire his charges reached $ 700 million.Previously it was assumed that after the release of the fourth part of Tom cruise will pass the baton to a younger actor, but its earnings have convinced the leadership of Paramount Pictures that to refuse the services of the actor yet. Читать полностью -->

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