Johnny Depp will play don Quixote

Johnny Depp will play don QuixoteThe Disney Studio began to develop the project, which is described as a modern version of the novel by Miguel de Cervantes "don Quixote". The main role in the film, most likely, will play johnny Depp, he acts as one of the producers along with his older sister Kristy Dembrowski.Johnny Depp, who played the reincarnation of don Juan in "don Juan DeMarco" (1995), have long dreamed about the role of another don Quixote. The actor has long been associated with a project in Terry Gilliam's "the Man who killed don Quixote" - Gilliam also going to remove the version of the novel of Cervantes, in which the main character travels from the twenty-first century XVII, where don Quixote mistakes him for Sancho Panza. But working on this film was constantly postponed, and in the end the project altogether disappeared from plans Depp.Johnny Depp apparently decided to take matters into their own hands and forces his Studio Infinitum Nihil has applied to a modern version of don Quixote, which I liked Disney. The script for this film will be written by Steve Pink (best known as the Director of the Comedy "a time Machine in the Jacuzzi") and Jeff Morris. Who will be the Director of the project, is still unknown. Читать полностью -->

Charlie sheen gave a sick little girl $75 thousand

Charlie sheen gave a sick little girl $75 thousandHollywood actor Charlie sheen, known for their outrageous behavior and drug addiction, gave a check in the amount of $ 75 thousand for the treatment of cancer have ten girls, according to the portal TMZ.According to the publication, the actor recently had a conversation with a police officer in HERMOSA beach (Los Angeles County), who complained about his personal trouble - doctors found in the muscle of his daughter with a malignant tumor - rhabdomyosarcoma, quoted as RIA "Novosti". The treatment of this disease involves costly procedures such as chemotherapy that need to be held during the year.A source who witnessed the conversation, reported that Charlie sheen police sympathized and promised to help. The next day the check on behalf of the actor on 75 thousand dollars was given to the police Fund HERMOSA beach, which was founded to help Jasmine - diseased daughter of a policeman. In addition, the Foundation received a check for 25 thousand dollars from my fellow Bus - actor Eddie brown. The girl's family expressed gratitude for the donation, says TMZ.World famous Charlie the Bus brought his roles in Oliver stone's "Platoon" (1986) and "wall Street" (1987). His filmography includes more than 40 paintings, including "Men at work" (1990), "Hot shots" (1991), "the Chase" (1994), "fall Speed" (1994). Читать полностью -->

Figure Egon Schiele set a record at Sotheby's auction

Figure Egon Schiele set a record at Sotheby's auctionFigure Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele "Lovers (self Portrait with Wally)" sold Tuesday, February 5, at Sotheby's auction in London for 7.9 million pounds, setting a record auction price for a work by this artist.About it reported in a press release published on the website of Sotheby's. Before trading began, "the Lovers", came to the auction from the collection of Rudolf Leopold Museum in Vienna, was estimated at 6.5 to 8.5 million pounds. In addition to "Lovers" hosted by Sotheby's auction "the Art of impressionism and modernism" were exhibited two works by Schiele from the Leopold Museum, which managed to sell a total of over 6.1 million pounds.The top lot of the auction, as expected, was the picture of Pablo Picasso's "Woman seated at the window" in 1932. For the painting, which depicts the Muse and lover of the artist Marie-Therese Walter, was able to help out 28.6 million pounds at the preliminary estimate of 25-35 million.With a significant excess of the estimate was auctioned work of Edgar Degas "After bath Dry woman", which managed to sell over 7.7 million pounds for the preliminary assessment of only 2.5-3.5 million. Unlike the Nudes of Degas, Claude Monet's "water Lilies" cost the new owner is significantly cheaper than the preliminary assessment. While the estimate of 12-18 million pounds "Lilies" were sold only 9 million.In General, the auction, which was exhibited lot 61, brought organizers 121 million pounds of Sterligov, showing the second best result among all evening auction "Art of impressionism and modernism", held ever Sotheby's in London. Читать полностью -->

Elton John showed his newborn son

Elton John showed his newborn son British musician Elton John showed his newborn son Elijah Joseph Daniel. The baby was barely two weeks.The famous 65-year-old singer and songwriter has worked with partner David furnish, the eldest son Zakariya Jackson Levon and her newborn baby in a family photo shoot for the American magazine Hello.The picture shows a two-Zachary sitting next to 50-year-old furnish, and little elig Joseph sleeps in the arms of John. It is noteworthy that the eldest son of the couple is becoming more like a musician.In addition to the first photos of the newborn,the singer shared with fans his emotions from the birth of a baby. According to him, during the birth of her second son with her husband they were in the neighboring house, where immediately after birth, they brought the child."We, of course, very worried, but this time it was much calmer than the first time - said the happy father of a family. - When the light appeared Zachary, we were very nervous because we had no experience and was very scary. This time David and I were confident in ourselves as parents, and knew that all goes well. Читать полностью -->

Yuri Lyubimov will be discharged from the hospital

Yuri Lyubimov will be discharged from the hospitalDirected by Yuri Lyubimov on Monday, November 26, will be discharged from City hospital number 23. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Director of the medical institution Valeria Krupkin.Yuri Lyubimov was hospitalized in the cardiology Department on 12 October, however, the media found out about it later. At the end of October it became clear that the Director was in a coma, but soon his health began to improve, he came out of the coma.Because of the illness of the Director were cancelled and rescheduled all the rehearsals of the Opera "Prince Igor", which Lyubimov puts at the Bolshoi theatre. The premiere, originally scheduled for December, is now scheduled for June 2013.In mid-November, the doctors said that the condition Lyubimov remains "wavy", which was "due to the active antibacterial and antiviral therapy." 17 November it became known that the Director felt better and that he started work on a new play by Jean-Baptiste Moliere's "School for wives". According to preliminary data, it will be staged in the theater "Hermitage".30 September 2012 Yuri Lyubimov was 95 years old. Source: Yuri Lyubimov will be discharged from the hospital. Читать полностью -->

Found the first tale, Andersen

Found the first tale, AndersenIn Denmark, found the manuscript of a previously unknown tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It is reported on 12 December, the newspaper Politiken. According to experts, Andersen wrote this text when I was in school.A document called "Tallow candle", signed with the name of the great storyteller, was in a box among the fifteen kilograms of other securities. In October it was discovered in the archives of Odense expert on local history. After the examination, which lasted two months, leading Danish researchers of creativity of the writer confirmed its authenticity. In their opinion, Andersen wrote the fairy tale in his youth, and the style reminds her of work 1822-1826, when Andersen visited the Latin school.Telling the story of the life of the candle, the storyteller tells the story of finding a place in life and inner self conflict and the harsh world around. Читать полностью -->

The body of Alexander porokhovshikova exhumers

The body of Alexander porokhovshikova exhumersThe body of Alexander porokhovshikova exhumers. On his multimillion-dollar inheritance claims another Georgian family, which intends to prove their blood relationship with the actor.Family Barabadze is still considered the main heirs of Alexander porokhovshikova. According to the birth certificate, the father of actor was Shalva Barabadze. December 16, exactly Barabadze were to enter into possession of all property of the actor - a three-room apartment on Prospekt Mira, one - on Komsomolsky Prospekt, house in the suburbs, a car and Bank accounts.But the day before the lawyer reported that showed up one contenders for the succession. Family Shanidze requires genetic examination, and hence the exhumation of the body of Alexander porokhovshikova, reports NTV.Family Shanidze also lives in Tbilisi, close to Barabadze. Three sisters have repeatedly stated that their uncle Shota Shanidze biological father porokhovshikova. Читать полностью -->

Halle berry appeared on the cover of Interview magazine

Halle berry appeared on the cover of Interview magazine Hollywood actress Halle berry starred in a glamorous new photo shoot for Interview magazine Germany.The movie star decided to surprise her fans with unusual images, posing in incredible designer outfits and extraordinary shoes on a high platform.In an interview with Interview magazine Holly spoke about his personal life, admitting that incredibly happy that gave birth to a daughter Nala in later years:"Now, at age 46, I'm a good mother," confessed the actress, 20 or 25 years, I wouldn't be so... glad I'm not hurried, and did not become a young mother. In 20 years I was a child, which explored the world and looking for my place in it. I don't think that could be a good mom, because she was a vulnerable little child who needed care." Source: Halle berry appeared on the cover of Interview magazine (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

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