Pugachev left Kobzon and Rotaru without `Christmas meeting`

Pugachev left Kobzon and Rotaru without `Christmas meeting`Diva approved the final list of artists participating in the revival of "Christmas meetings", - among them Sofia Rotaru, Valery Leontiev and other age superstar.The list of stars, diva approved, will appear as the names of her closest circle Kirkorov, Orbakaite, violent, Moiseev, Presnyakov, and artists of lower rank - Eva Polna, "City 312", Timur Rodriguez. Brand new for the audience will be performances by singer Alisher - by the way, it is a personal stylist Pugacheva - group "Fanatic".ListBut in the program there was no place to Valery Leontiev, Sofia Rotaru, Alexander Rosenbaum and Joseph Kobzon.I must say that this decision Pugacheva concert promoters are very concerned. For anybody not a secret that the audience attending these shows, it goes on a long time favorite artists. Already, there was a low demand for tickets. As it turned out, to realize their concert agencies offering deep discounts.- I was approached by the ticket Agency of Moscow with the request to assist in the purchase of a corporate ticket package for regular customers of our company in concert-shooting "Christmas meetings", - said "TD" CEO ".Concert" Evgeny Morozov. - Due to adverse weather forecasts retail sales and given significant discounts that managers promise to provide up to 20 percent, we can conclude that the interest in "Christmas meetings - 2012" yet, alas, is extremely low.Surely some surprises for viewers and the prima Donna had prepared, but, apparently, the main thing for Alla Borisovna - own "triumphant return"."Meetings will be Pugacheva kind of bridge to return to the stage, at least at the corporate," says Morozov. Читать полностью -->

Eva Longoria forgot to wear underwear

Eva Longoria forgot to wear underwear may 18, Saturday at the 66th Cannes film festival film star and model Eva Longoria came to the premiere of the film "Jimmy Picard" chic in a blue dress to the floor. The original dress was decorated with transparent inserts and perforation.In Cannes at this time it was raining heavily and during the walk down the red carpet to the hem of the dress did not namuchalsja actress lifted. Actress who's 38 years old, climbed the stairs in high heels. But Eva Longoria forgot that this dress is not supposed to wear underwear and fascinated by the process of salvation luxury dress casually showed the viewers what's really under there. And under the dress Eva Longoria nothing of wearing clothes was not. Eva doesn't wear panties to such events. Читать полностью -->

Johnny Hallyday is coming to Moscow on his first Russian concert

Johnny Hallyday is coming to Moscow on his first Russian concertLegendary French performer of rock music johnny Hallyday is serving today in Moscow, where on October 27, will for the first time for concert career in Russia.On Saturday night he will take the stage of the State Kremlin Palace with the program, in which the main place is given to the rock-n-roll, ITAR-TASS reported."I always wanted to sing in Russia, - says the artist. - I already have offers, but for some reason none of them was never implemented. At the last moment everything was canceled, and now I am very glad that it's finally going to happen.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Arshavin after a long `holiday` back in the family

Arshavin after a long `holiday` back in the familyFormer captain of Russian national team on football Andrey Arshavin after a long "holiday" back in the family to civil wife Julia and three kids. He did this because of a guilty conscience or because of the unwillingness to leave children without a father, is still unknown.But, despite the "long-awaited" return, Yulia Baranovskaya to social events still goes one.In December the British and Russian tabloids broke the news that the marriage of Julia and Andrew collapsed: famous footballer allegedly left his wife and three children for the model and for the past two months living in a hotel. Perpetrating the scandal, the news has not commented on, and fans of the athlete are still wondering: what's going on in my personal life former captain of the Russian team. The other day Julia noticed on one of the social events in Moscow: she held slightly to the side, trying not to attract too much attention, and was somewhat depressed.The wife of Arsenal midfielder yesterday visited the exhibition "Fly to Baku. Modern art of Azerbaijan". Amid the promiscuous public bright spot stood out wife of Andrei Arshavin Julia. Читать полностью -->

Jolie will play her late mother

Jolie will play her late motherAngelina Jolie, American actress, in late April, had a series of surgeries to remove the breast because of the high degree of cancer. She will play her own mother, Marcelin Bertrand, died of ovarian cancer in 2007. The film will be producyrovtsa company of Brad pitt's Plan B. As Angelina Jolie, Marcheline Bertrand lot of time and effort was devoted to charity. She helped African children, has created an organization to promote ill with cancer.Angelina Jolie to have my Breasts removed after doctors told her with an 87% probability that the disease is breast cancer. Jolie said that the tendency of cancer she has is genetic. Читать полностью -->

Kazan `Aida` will surprise the audience a policeman on a real horse

Kazan `Aida` will surprise the audience a policeman on a real horseA surprise awaits the audience of the premiere of the Opera "Aida" by Verdi, and the opening of the international Opera festival named after Fyodor Chaliapin in Kazan, ITAR-TASS reported.According to the Director Yuri Alexandrov, "before Radames'll go out on a chariot on stage POPs up a horse and stand on its hind legs. Horse for rehearsals taken from the Kazan police. In the play rider will be the police.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The doctors are not allowed to Lyubimov anyone except his wife

The doctors are not allowed to Lyubimov anyone except his wifeDoctors are yet to authorize the Director Yuri Lyubimov to communicate only with his wife, despite some improvement in his condition, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Director of city clinical hospital в„– 23 Valeria Krupkin."He got better, we were transferred to normal ward. All the necessary remedial measures are conducted. He communicates only with his wife and doctors, no longer anyone to not letting him", he said.Recall, Lyubimov was hospitalized in cardiology, October 12. On the morning of 23 October, the city clinical hospital в„– 23 doctors assessed his condition as moderate. Later in the press service of the Bolshoi theatre announced that the Director promised to attend the first rehearsal of the Opera "Prince Igor". However, on 30 October was to be a rehearsal, in the Bolshoi theatre announced that Lyubimov remains in the hospital.Later the source in the immediate environment Director reported that his condition has deteriorated, he's in a coma. Читать полностью -->

Director Yuri Lyubimov in a coma (video)

Director Yuri Lyubimov in a coma (video)Famous theater Director Yuri Lyubimov in a coma. Earlier it was reported that 95-year-old Maestro was hospitalized with a heart attack.Information relating to the placement of Yuri Lyubimov in the hospital was confirmed by the head physician of the Moscow hospital number 23, and also the healthcare Department, reminiscent of the radio "Vesti FM".The famous Director had planned to return to work on 30 October, starting rehearsals of the play "Prince Igor" at the Bolshoi theatre.Source: Director Yuri Lyubimov in a coma (video). . . . . Читать полностью -->

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