Radiohead will record a new album after a 3 year hiatus

Radiohead will record a new album after a 3 year hiatusThe bass guitarist of the British band Radiohead Colin Greenwood said that the band will resume their work after a three year break and record a new album. The Studio musicians will go to the end of summer 2013. About Greenwood told the radio station BBC 6 Music."We will wait until every one of us will end up in their own Affairs, and at the end of summer again come together," said Greenwood magazine NME.Radiohead was founded in 1985 in Oxfordshire, England. Their third album "OK Computer" (1997) made the band international success and is considered one of the most important rock albums of the 1990s. the decade the band released three more albums, which brought her cult status. In 2007 the album "In Rainbows" was made of a musicians Network a free download that has become a precedent in the music industry - according to experts, this step marked the final transition of the economy of the music business to new principles of work.The latest album "the King Of Limbs", the eighth in the group's discography, was released in 2011. Читать полностью -->

Actress Victoria shot Tolstoganova, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya and musician Kirill Ivanov has supported children's outreach service hospice `Faith`

Actress Victoria shot Tolstoganova, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya and musician Kirill Ivanov has supported children's outreach service hospice `Faith`In 2012, the hospice charity Fund "Vera" has teamed with the Foundation "give life" and has written to the Government of Moscow the letter about creation in Moscow hospice for children. on 16 July 2013, the Government of Moscow has allocated a plot of land in the centre of Moscow to grant lease for 49 years for the construction of the first in the capital hospice for children. The outpatient children's hospice will be built by the beginning of 2017. However, the children's hospice has already started to work, caring for patients at home.Patients visiting service - children and young people up to 25 years with an incurable form of cancer, with genetic, neuromuscular, metabolic and other diseases. Field service is a medical, psychological, social and spiritual support to all members of its members. Today, professional palliative care at home is 300 families with terminally ill children.According to the Trustee of the Fund "Faith" Ludmila Ulitskaya, "before the children's offices are even more difficult task than the usual challenges of hospice. Читать полностью -->

Heidi Klum told about his attitude to experiment in bed

Heidi Klum told about his attitude to experiment in bedGerman top Heidi Klum told about his attitude to experiments in bed sexy temperament and marriage.39-year-old the top is currently Dating her bodyguard Martin Kristana. Heidi Klum admits that she cares about experiments in sex."Some people are prone to sexual experimentation, the other is an alien. But if your character has a kind of devilry, it is not necessary to hide it from your partner, because sooner or later it will manifest itself," said the top."If you're wild and hot in sex, no need to hide your desires," she admits in an interview with Marie ClairРµ. - I think there is nothing wrong with sometimes afford to do things that are considered abnormal.". . . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow named the most grossing movies of 2012

In Moscow named the most grossing movies of 2012In Moscow named the most grossing films of 2012. XVI the solemn ceremony of awarding the professional award in the film "Blockbuster" was held in hotel "the Renaissance". The main criterion of selection of winners - the commercial success of films released in 2012 in Russian box office.So, the "box office Champion of Russia became the cartoon "Ice age 4. Continental drift", whose fees amounted to 50 million 80 thousand dollars. "The highest grossing European film" admitted the French Comedy "Asterix and Obelix in Britain', which attracted 6.8 million dollars, transfers ITAR-TASS."The highest grossing film of the limited release" called the picture "Paris-Manhattan", which is only 21 copies collected 205 thousand dollars."The highest grossing film on fees for one copy of" became a popular film "the Avengers". The same film was awarded the title of "The most grossing film of the year in Imax".Drama "Elena" Alexander Rodnyansky has recognized "the highest grossing film of Russian producers in foreign box office". Читать полностью -->

Boxer died within 5 days after the fight

Boxer died within 5 days after the fightIndonesian boxer, Oxon Palm, performing in the weight category up to 52 kilograms, died 21 November - five days after the fight with his compatriot Jerry dio Tolstoy. About it reports the Internet-the edition Fightnews. Official information about the cause of death of a boxer yet.Battle 19-year-old Palm with Tolstoy lasted eight rounds and ended in a draw. During the fight, the boxers exchanged a large number of strikes, but after the battle of Palo looked fine. He remained at the Boxing gym to watch the next fight, and then suddenly fell.Palm complained of cramp in her leg. The boxer was taken to a nearby hospital, where he spent some time, and then returned home. Читать полностью -->

Yuri Lyubimov was discharged from the hospital

Yuri Lyubimov was discharged from the hospitalRussian theater Director and people's artist of Russia Yuri Lyubimov was discharged from the 23rd of the city hospital, where he stayed from mid-October, and is going to start work soon. This was reported today in the Department of health capital.According to the Director of medical institution Valeria Krupkin, currently health Lyubimov normalized. "Yuri Lyubimov feels good, if we had even the slightest doubt about the health of the Director, of course, we never would have let him go home," he assured journalists.The Director intends to promptly return to work "What holiday? We are people of another charge. No retreat, only forward," he told Interfax, adding that the doctors allowed him to return to work. Soon Lyubimov plans to do a play based on Moliere's "the School for wives" at the theater "Hermitage" and to make an Opera "Prince Igor" at the Bolshoi theatre.Leaving the hospital, the Director thanked the staff of the 23rd hospital for care. "I'm touched by the attitude of the doctors who literally saved me, brought me back into the light of God," he said. Читать полностью -->

Justin Bieber showed his Nude buttocks

Justin Bieber showed his Nude buttocks Well-known canadian artist, and the dream of teenage girls around the world Justin Bieber successfully gets rid of the image of a "good boy". On his official page on Instagram 18-year-old singer posted a rather provocative photo showing his naked buttocks.Popular canadian singer Justin Bieber has decided to change an impeccable reputation Bunny-boy to the bad boy image. At first he broke up with his girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez, which was not seen in anything unpleasant, then videos of his concerts, where the guy openly sick, became public, and then, finally, Bieber decided to strip naked in front of numerous fans.However, the young actor is alleged inflated torso showed something different. The singer on his official page in Instagram posted a photo on which poses back with bare buttocks. Celebrity Manager Scooter Braun were quick to comment on the photo, calling it "Beauty and Bread" (similar to "beauty and the Beast"). In it, Bieber responded quite succinctly: "ha-Ha". Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone decided to end his career

Sharon stone decided to end his career54-year-old Hollywood actress Sharon stone has decided to say goodbye to film and to leave Hollywood. On such a serious step celebrity drove a disease that progresses with each passing day.11 years ago the doctors put the stone in the diagnosis of aneurysm of cerebral vessels", that this sore causes woman to suffer from headaches and fainting. For example, at a recent fashion Week in Milan she was hospitalized after he fell to the ground unconscious. In addition, the actress suffers from asthma and diabetes.Sharon stone decided all the free time to devote to the three foster children and myself to live in a slower pace. Source: Sharon stone decided to end his career. . Читать полностью -->

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