Kirkorov became an unwitting victim of political squabbles

Kirkorov became an unwitting victim of political squabblesKing of pop Russian singer Philip Kirkorov became an unwitting victim of political showdowns. The authorities of Azerbaijan, where he was to be a concert artist, did not like that his father Bedros was taken under the wing of an Armenian boy. As a result, the performance Kirkorov snapped.Phillip Kirkorov's concert was to be held in early November at one of the largest Baku venues, including the Baku crystal Hall, which hosted this year's international musical competition "Eurovision". However, the receiving party canceled the show, citing technical reasons."Indeed, I can confirm the fact of the cancellation of a concert in Baku, which was to be held on 8 November in the hall of the Baku crystal Hall. Officially, the organizers said that this is the technical reason, but we understand that Baku crystal hall, which hosted "Eurovision", which was made by world stars such as Jennifer Lopez, - does not allow technical insolvency. Thus, we can only guess what the reasons are hidden under this waiver", - quotes the press-Secretary of Philip Kirkorov Olga Alexeeva RIA Novosti.However, some media have speculated that the reason the policy. Supposedly the Azerbaijani authorities did not like that father Philip Bedros Kirkorov held under the auspices of the Armenian boy Andranik Alexanyan.As reported by Life News, ward antranik Bedros from birth suffers from a rare disease of the bone defect, which stopped growing. In his 14 years of growth - only meter. The child with a fantastically beautiful voice, in 2011-m to year even managed to win the competition "Children's New wave" in Yalta. There it was noticed by Bedros. He decided to help raise money for the operation Alexanyan, until it took on him the full patronage. Kirkorov-senior often took him on tour and on their speeches were presented to the audience.Official representative Kirkorov confirmed that this version is the place to be. "In any case it is very sad, because Philip wanted to perform in Baku. He even prepared the dedication of Muslim Magomayev was specifically altered the scenery for this fantastic thousands hall," concluded Alekseeva. Source: Kirkorov became an unwitting victim of political squabbles.

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The book in the movie, "The Son Also Arises," is a reference to John Green's book, "The Fault in Our Stars.

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