Irina Zabiyaka gave birth to a son

Irina Zabiyaka gave birth to a sonThe soloist of the band "Chi-Li" Irina Zabiyaka first became a mother. On the night of 8 January, the singer gave birth to a son.30-year-old actress gave birth in one of the capital's hospitals by caesarean section. The baby was born weighing three pounds 900 grams, the growth of the boy amounted to 54 inches. It is unknown how Irina would call her son, she has not yet decided this issue.Bully doesn't like to talk about his personal life, even the fact of her pregnancy she had long concealed. Only the figure of stars gave no reasons for doubt. She stopped to hide the obvious, laying out on the Internet your photos.The singer also did not disclose to the public, who became a father. It was rumored that they could become an actor Gosha Kutsenko with which the artist recorded the joint clip. In an interview Kutsenko even admitted that he could marry the singer."She's cool! I want to marry her!" - he declared. The actor also often performed with a Bully at one stage. But not so long ago Kutsenko still married his longtime girlfriend Irina, Skripnichenko. On the other hand, representatives of music hangouts they say that the child's father is the boyfriend of singer, leader of the Band Mama Vyacheslav Boyko, writes "Express newspaper"."I'm really happy! This kid was a very welcome and long-awaited child is born from a great love. I sincerely hope that everything will be fine and as soon as my boy gets stronger, we all show this cutie!" - quoted by NTV Bully.Note, the Bully is the owner of a unique low voice - contralto. When the band "Chi-Li" appeared, many even thought that sings in her man. "I don't think your voice is unusual. Because I can't hear what you hear. But I believe that all unusual given us from above. The voice comes from God," the singer recently told the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: Irina Zabiyaka gave birth to a son.



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