The court returned the daughter Panina ex-wife

The court returned the daughter Panina ex-wifeAccording to the decision of Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg, the daughter of actor Alexey Panin - five-year-old Anna Panina must live with his mother, Julia Udintseva. However, the star father is in no hurry to return the daughter.The conflict Alexei Panin and actress Julia Udintseva erupted in 2008 after the birth of their daughter Anna. Left by the time the parents are unable to agree on who will have custody of their little daughter. Although in 2009 the Dzerzhinskiy district court of St Petersburg held that the child should live with her mother, Alex decided differently. He took Julia child, and against the former civil wife fabricated a criminal case.- Alex accused me that I'm supposedly in 2010, he hit his own mother Tatiana Vlasov, " says Julia Udintsev. - He presented the court with forged documents that I supposedly drunk and crazy. And against the "newly discovered circumstances" opened another case for review of the child's place of residence. In may 2012, the court withdrew all charges against me: I have never touched his mother. But the civil process for establishing who should live Anna, lasted up to the beginning of 2013.- At the end of the year I won another battle: a daughter that I had not seen for four years, is now a court decision needs to live with me, " says Udintsev. - And the fact that Panin was not in compliance with the law, not my problem. The case was delayed due to scheduled psychological and pedagogical examination of Alexei. But since it takes a long time, it did not spend and the decision was withdrawn. Now I want to publish on the Internet the paper, revealing Panin. Will post on social networks fake medical certificate, fabricated documents- all that in recent years he was doing. I want to find out what is behind this "gang", which illegally is my daughter. At me, for example, attacked in the stairwell, and not difficult to guess who was behind this.In the court Alexey Panin has never appeared. Apparently, not found free time.He has two young daughters, and is photographed in the Nude, " says Julia. - Nevertheless holding its popularity it supports only in this way. Normal people can agree for the sake of the children, and then the person is stuck. Would be better if the English language learned in the movie has a good shot, and did not go to Swinger clubs. How can you position yourself as a good father and deal with such things?! Therefore, the court did not come even once to tell him there is nothing.However, the bailiffs have still not returned to the child's mother.- I dread to think where and with whom is my daughter, " says Udintsev. - To steal the baby when she was less than one year, a terrible crime. Once on the phone Panin said, "You'll never see your daughter!" If the person is famous, it doesn't mean that he can do anything! On the contrary, public people need to set an example. Want to the year of the Snake - a symbol of wisdom - people learned the truth. Except I hurt more and godmother Anne. She was forced to leave the country because of threats against her. Godmother wrote me letters telling a story that happened around Anna after she stole Panin. When I read them, I get scared.ReplyI don't know about any court - says Alexey Panin. - Surprised by the news, I swear. No matter what the courts I did not go. I have no idea what Julia Udintsev. My daughter now rides with me in the car, and all is well!Alex AVANESYAN, the lawyer:In the Russian judicial practice, which suggests that parents have equal rights to the child, " says Alex Avanesyan. Property the well-being of one of the parents does not play a decisive role. Based on the jurisprudence of the Russian Federation, the court shall take into account the gender and age of the child. At the Plenum of the Supreme court the question arose who should be the child, if the parents in equal conditions. This has attracted psychologists who have made their conclusion to seven years of age should be brought up with mother in the first place, if we are talking about the girl.The main criteria that the court takes into account when determining the place of residence of the child: if a parent is on the register of drug addicts in the family environment, family structure, whether the first marriage, social infrastructure. If Alexey Panin has not given after the decision of the court of the child, the mother of Julia Udintseva need to fix the facts of preventing communication with the child's father's side. For example through the guardianship, with official letters, notifications, even leaflets. Then it can be prosecuted. Source: court returned the daughter Panina ex-wife.

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