Krasnoyarsk book fair will deal with the cultural development of Siberia

Krasnoyarsk book fair will deal with the cultural development of SiberiaThe main theme of the VI Krasnoyarsk fair of book culture (CRACK), which opens on 31 October, will be "the Cultural development of Siberia". This was reported in the press release of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, acting as organizer CRACK.This year in Krasnoyarsk fair will be attended by more than 220 Russian publishers, booksellers and representatives of librarianship. In the framework of QUACK will host a series of educational seminars and professional discussions, presentations of books and workshops dedicated to the creation and dissemination of books, the fate of Internet media and libraries. On CRACK coming writers Melvin Burgess, Tibor Fischer, Andrey Astvatsaturov, Valery Nugaev, Oleg Sober, Ilya Boyashov and others.The Central event of the fair will be the announcement of the shortlist of the literary prize "NOSE" after the debate, which will be broadcast on the website of the Fund. Finalists will be chosen by a jury headed a literary critic Constantinum Elicinym.The fair organizers will present a large-scale poetic programme with performances by contemporary poets - from the participants of the "Laboratory of poetic actionism" to Linor, Gorelik, Alexander Barash and Dmitry Kuzmin. Among the musical events - a performance by the Russian national orchestra under Pletnev and concert band Tesla Boy. Читать полностью -->

Jake Gyllenhaal showed a new girlfriend

Jake Gyllenhaal showed a new girlfriend Fickle Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have got himself a new girlfriend. Recently the actor was seen on the streets of new York with a beautiful brunette, whom he kept touching by the hand and confidently looked her in the eye. Who is this girl, still remains a mystery. One thing is clear - she is not from the world of celebrities.We will remind, earlier Gyllenhaal dated actress Minkai Kelly and singer Taylor swift. Both novels were very fleeting. I want to believe that this relationship will last longer. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov became an unwitting victim of political squabbles

Kirkorov became an unwitting victim of political squabblesKing of pop Russian singer Philip Kirkorov became an unwitting victim of political showdowns. The authorities of Azerbaijan, where he was to be a concert artist, did not like that his father Bedros was taken under the wing of an Armenian boy. As a result, the performance Kirkorov snapped.Phillip Kirkorov's concert was to be held in early November at one of the largest Baku venues, including the Baku crystal Hall, which hosted this year's international musical competition "Eurovision". However, the receiving party canceled the show, citing technical reasons."Indeed, I can confirm the fact of the cancellation of a concert in Baku, which was to be held on 8 November in the hall of the Baku crystal Hall. Officially, the organizers said that this is the technical reason, but we understand that Baku crystal hall, which hosted "Eurovision", which was made by world stars such as Jennifer Lopez, - does not allow technical insolvency. Thus, we can only guess what the reasons are hidden under this waiver", - quotes the press-Secretary of Philip Kirkorov Olga Alexeeva RIA Novosti.However, some media have speculated that the reason the policy. Читать полностью -->

Berlin film festival opens with screening of `the Great masters` Wong Kar-Wai

Berlin film festival opens with screening of `the Great masters` Wong Kar-WaiThe screening of the film "Great master" (The Grandmasters), Chinese Director Wong Kar-Wai, will open today the 63rd Berlin international film festival, ITAR-TASS reported.During the entire period of this prestigious event specialists are often compared with Cannes and Venice, will be shown about 400 films, including from Russia. Every year at the sessions of the Berlinale sold to 300 thousand tickets, making it the most visited forum in the world. The best evidence of the excitement that prevailed on the eve of the festival are huge queues in front of cash registers and posters plastered everywhere with the bear is the heraldic symbol of the city and the forum itself. This year the doors of the cinemas will be open until February 17.Close attention movie lovers chained to the main program, which involves 19 films, five films will be shown out of competition. For the main award of the Berlinale Golden bear" - will compete film "Closed curtain (Parde) Iranian film Director Jafar Panahi, sentenced in Iran for six years for anti-government activities, "Gold" (Gold) German Thomas Arslan with Nina Hoss in the title role, the American film "the Inevitable death of Charlie Cantilena" (The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman) with Till Schweiger.In addition, the French work "Camille Claudel 1915" (Camille Claudel 1915) and "On my way" (Elle s'en va) with Catherine Deneuve, tape Bosnian Director Danis of Tanovich about life in the Gypsy village "One episode in the life of the iron thieves" (An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker), and "the Nun (La Religieuse) co-production of France, Germany and Belgium. Among the other nominees is the last part of the trilogy Austrian Ulrich Seidl's "Paradise: Hope (Paradies: Hoffnung), the American Gus van Sant's "promised Land" (Promised Land) with Matt Damon in the lead role, the film Director from Kazakhstan Emir of Bagasina "harmony Lessons", "Side effect" (Side Effects) American Steven Soderbergh.Russia is represented in the main program of the Berlinale film Director Boris Khlebnikov's "a Long and happy life". Читать полностью -->

Irina Zabiyaka gave birth to a son

Irina Zabiyaka gave birth to a sonThe soloist of the band "Chi-Li" Irina Zabiyaka first became a mother. On the night of 8 January, the singer gave birth to a son.30-year-old actress gave birth in one of the capital's hospitals by caesarean section. The baby was born weighing three pounds 900 grams, the growth of the boy amounted to 54 inches. It is unknown how Irina would call her son, she has not yet decided this issue.Bully doesn't like to talk about his personal life, even the fact of her pregnancy she had long concealed. Only the figure of stars gave no reasons for doubt. She stopped to hide the obvious, laying out on the Internet your photos.The singer also did not disclose to the public, who became a father. Читать полностью -->

In the UK died passed the Falklands to the Argentines Governor

In the UK died passed the Falklands to the Argentines GovernorFormer Governor of the Falkland Islands, who passed them to the Argentinians in 1982, Rex hunt died at the age of 86 years in the UK, reports BBC News. The politician died Sunday, November 11, in the hospital.Hunt was appointed Governor of the Falklands in 1980 and ruled them for five years. At the time of his leadership had the Argentine invasion, during which he was captured and was taken to Uruguay. The invasion of the Islands, which Buenos Aires still considers its territory, began with a provocation: a group of Argentines got in there under the guise of working, and then raised on the island of South Georgia's national flag. British war demanded it down, and then Argentina have a reason to stand up for its citizens.On the Islands were invaded by Argentine special forces, which he quickly advanced and took control of the capital Fort Stanley. In the end, Rex hunt gave his soldiers the order to lay down their arms, after which he himself was taken prisoner. Читать полностью -->

Halle berry appeared on the cover of InStyle magazine

Halle berry appeared on the cover of InStyle magazine Hollywood beauty Halle berry starred in a new photo shoot for InStyle magazine.46-year-old actress appeared on the cover of the November issue of the fashion magazine in a bright red mini dress from the new collection of Calvin Klein Collection. In an interview with a glossy edition Holly told about a romantic relationship with her fiance, French actor Olivier Martinez:"When I met Olivier, I fell in love with him at first sight," says the actress, " I can't tell her feelings to him love, because between us adult love, a more Mature and meaningful. Of course, I am a desperate romantic, but over the years learned to distinguish between illusion and reality.". . . . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow will bring nonprofit Damien Hirst

In Moscow will bring nonprofit Damien HirstIn 2014 in Moscow will host an exhibition of early works by members of the group Young British Artists: Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, the Chapman brothers, Marc Quinn, Sam Taylor-wood and other.It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to Alexander Kharitonov, art Director of the Foundation "Ekaterina", where will be held the exhibition."The project is aimed to show Russians how they were born and how there was this movement that in many ways changed the world of modern art," she said. According to Kharitonova, the aim of the exhibition is to show the non-commercial period of the development of the YBA, which today are among the most expensive artists. For example, in 2007, Damien Hirst, his work is "For the love of God" (platinum skull encrusted with diamonds), sold by the gallery "White Cube" for $ 100 million, set a record among living artists.The Moscow exhibition will cover the period from 1988 to 1997; the exhibition "Freeze", organized by Damien Hirst in a derelict London docks to "Sensation", held at the Royal Academy with the support of the gallery of Charles Saatchi, who helped the artists of the YBA become commercially successful. In addition to the 70 works in the exhibition will feature photos and archival materials that, according to Kharitonova, "to demonstrate the historical and cultural context of Britain at the time".The exhibition will be organized with the support of the British Council, which in addition assist in the coordination will work from your own collection.The artists of the YBA will bring to Russia not for the first time. So, on October 26, the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum presented a collection of works by Marc Quinn. On October 20, 2012 at the State Hermitage Museum opened an exhibition of the Chapman brothers "End of fun", which became scandalous. Читать полностью -->

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